Which Countries Have Signed Up To Receive Russia’s Covid-19 Vaccine?

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Russia is rolling out production and export sales for more than 1 billion doses of its Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, according to Russia’s sovereign wealth fund which is financing the project. We can take a look at the participating countries as follows:

Map courtesy of The Moscow Times

Belarus is participating in the third stage of clinical trials

Russia and Brazil have agreed to cooperate in the production and marketing of the world’s first registered coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V. In a Statement Russian Direct Investment Fund said that the agreement was reached with Brazilian State of Parana on Wednesday. As part of the signed strategic cooperation agreement, RDIF, together with pharmaceutical companies in the state of Parana, is organizing the production of Sputnik V vaccine and its distribution in Brazil and other Latin American countries.

Phase three clinical trials are underway in India with the results to be published in November.

The third phase of the Sputnik V clinical trials began last week, with Russia offering to assist Indonesia if it wants to produce a number of components (Sputnik V) independently for its domestic market.

Kazakhstan signed a deal with Russia’s sovereign wealth fund to secure “a guaranteed amount of the Sputnik V vaccine after it passes all trials,” the Kazakh government announced last week. Russia’s state-run Gamaleya research institute, which developed the potential vaccine, will produce more than 2 million doses of the vaccine for export to Kazakhstan.

Phase three trials have begun with Mexico receiving 2,000 doses of vaccine.

Phase three clinical trials will commence from October with the vaccine expected to be approved for use by April.  

Saudi Arabia 
Phase three trials have begun.

United Arab Emirates 
Phase three trials have begun.

Clinical trials are underway, while the Vietnamese Ministry of Health has stated it intends to purchase up to 150 million shots.  

In addition to these countries, China’s Shanghai Pharmaceutical is currently negotiating with Russia’s Biocad over potential production of the vaccine in China, while the Presidents of Moldova and Serbia have also expressed interest.

Russia’s Gameleya Institute is one of the world’s foremost scientific research laboratories in the field of biological virus work and has years of existing data and analysis to bring to the field in the search for a Coronavirus vaccine. There has been criticism of the timeframe in which the Sputnik V vaccine has been tested, with some academics pointing out a rushed and limited number of Phase 1 and 2 testing. Phase 3 however is already underway as can be seen, with a global total of some 400,000 tests being activated from the participating countries.

Russia itself has already begun innoculating front line citizens against the virus, including its military, healthcare workers and school teachers.

The cost of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine is stated to be about a third of the expected costs of vaccines being developed in the United States, which has also refused to share data and analysis from its own work in global vaccine development, giving rise to fears of US pharmaceutical companies wishing to profit from the pandemic and accusations of stockpiling for America-only in what has become a global problem.

China meanwhile has been developing its own vaccine and introduced this to media yesterday with a product developed by the PLA. Citing data from clinical trials published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency reported earlier in the day that the COVID-19 vaccine candidate is “safe and generates an immune response.” The research involved 320 “healthy volunteers” aged between 18 and 59, of which 96 participated in phase-1 clinical trials and 224 in phase-2 trials. The vaccine candidates were produced by Chinese companies Sinovac Biotech and Sinopharm and are expected to be licensed for use by the year end following China’s own Phase Three clinical trials which are also now underway. Sinovac have stated that they have “completed the construction of a vaccine factory” able to produce 300 million doses a year.

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