Washington Wants to Investigate Putin’s Wealth. From a Country Whose Own President Hasn’t Released His Tax Returns

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Op/Ed by Chris Devonshire-Ellis

putin-cashAt Russia Briefing we try and stick to commentary concerning business in Russia and opportunities for foreign countries within the Russian Federation. We also provide details of how, under sanctions, the Russian economy and its investing business are moving towards Asia. However, the Russophobia from the United States media and various politicians at times is outstanding.

OK, so we understand that some would like to see regime change in Russia and for current Russian President Vladimir Putin to step down or be replaced. However Russia is in no mood to do that; it already saw a revolution in 1917 and the break up of the Soviet Union in 1992. The ordinary Russian people will bear whatever they feel they have to rather than go through those situations again.

Meanwhile, Washington has just passed a bill into law making the White House legally bound to investigate the wealth of Russian President Putin.

That’s all very well; however, quite how they intend to do this while based in the US has not been mentioned. Russian banks, already under American sanctions, are unlikely to assist and in any event it would be illegal for them under Russian law to do so. So why does Washington ask for such laws to be passed when there is no hope of obtaining any assistance? One answer is money. People will need to be paid to form committees and the entire exercise needs to be funded – at US taxpayer expense. It’s a great way to extract money from the US Treasury.

Meanwhile, the current US President Trump has refused to release his tax returns, becoming the first US President to do so. As distraction techniques go, asking people to look at Russian President Putin instead, its a pretty good one. In Moscow, and at Russia Briefing, we just laugh.


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