Vladivostok Port Imports Up By 28,000 TEU a Month

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Vladivostok’s container imports have increased by 150% in the three recent months, the port press office has said, adding that Asian companies have replaced those who left the Russian market.

The port authority stated that “The load on all regional ports and the accompanying infrastructure is growing. For example, in the last three months alone, the import of containers through the Commercial Port of Vladivostok increased by 1.5 times, up to 28,000 TEU per month. The port has absorbed this and operates as usual, 24 hours, seven days a week, and has managed the increased load well.”

Global and Asian maritime, logistics and container routes are changing. Export and import flows are being re-oriented to Russia’s Far East.

The container lines that left the Russian market were replaced by new ones from the Asia Pacific Region. Those are: Heung-A Line, SITC, GFL, Reel Shipping, Zhonggu Shipping Group, and OVR Shipping among others.

Vladivostok is important as it is the eastern hub of the Trans-Siberian railway; meaning containers can be loaded onto rail and transported throughout Russia, and beyond to destinations such as Mongolia, Central Asia and through to Europe. It takes 6 days to travel the 9,289km to Moscow. Fresh produce such as sea food can be flown to markets in Moscow within 9 hours. Dezan Shira & Associates Chairman Chris Devonshire-Ellis will be attending the Far Eastern Economic Forum being held in Vladivostok from September 5-8 to attend seminars and discuss the changing supply chains. Readers may ask him for intelligence reports by emailing russia@dezshira.com.     

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