Turkmenistan and Russia discussing Ashgabat Smart City & EV Transport Infrastructure Developments

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Smart City construction design for Ashgabat, not dissimilar to those seen in Singapore

Turkmenistan and Russia have had further discussions on developing land transport infrastructure, with meetings on the subject being held between Batyr Niyazliev, Turkmenistan’s Ambassador to Moscow and Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Moscow Mayor, Head of the Moscow Department of Transport and Road and Transport Infrastructure Development.

The sides also touched upon the transformation of administrative centers into smart cities and the development of modern urban agglomerations.

“There are good opportunities for collaboration in areas such as transportation security, parking space optimization, and the implementation of electronic transportation management systems in large cities,” said Liksutov.

An official visit by the delegation of the Moscow Government to Turkmenistan for substantive negotiations, such as assistance in organizing the construction of Ashgabat Smart City, direct transport deliveries of Turkmen products to Moscow, establishing relations with business circles, and cooperation in the economic, cultural, and humanitarian spheres is to be arranged.

The Ashgabat Smart City concept, which would transform Turkmenistan’s capital city, is a Presidential initiative and would see Ashgabat have 30-35 floor buildings for the first time. Newly developed technologies will ensure seismic resistance. More than 200 buildings will be built on a total area of ​​744 hectares. It is planned to build 180 residential buildings from 12 to 35 floors for more than 107 thousand residents. The new city to be built in the northern part of Ashgabat was prepared by the Municipality of Ashgabat and the Ministry of Construction and Architecture of Turkmenistan. 15,000 specialist contractors are engaged in the project, which will utilize digital technologies in buildings and throughout the capital to permit driverless vehicles and related digital technologies to be developed in Turkmenistan.

The country is becoming a Central Asian focal point for Russian and Chinese infrastructure investment as it occupies a strategic position in Central Asia and has transit applications for both between East and West via the Caspian Sea, INSTC and rail connections ultimately planned from Western China.

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