Toll Highway From Russia To Azerbaijan’s Baku Port Nears Completion

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The reconstruction works on the 66-kilometer section of Baku-Guba-Russia state border highway are progressing well and expected to complete later this year, according to the Azerbaijan State Automobile Roads Agency.

The route will offer a faster, more efficient way for Russia-Azerbaijani trade to transit overland from Russia to Baku through the Guba border crossing, and onto destinations via ship East to Turkiye and Europe, West to Central Asia and China, and south via Iran’s INSTC to markets in South Asia. The alternative had been shipping further north from Russia’s Astrakhan Port, adding several thousand kilometers for some Russian export-oriented manufacturers.

Work is now underway on the construction of the new road base. After the completion of excavation work on these sites, work will be carried out on the laying of asphalt concrete payment. The highway will have four lanes, two-way traffic in either direction, while the usual highway measures are now being put into place, such as appropriate marking and signs.

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