Social Networking in Russia’s Top 100 Banking Sector in 2011

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Russian banks explode onto social networks: popularity has increased by over 50 times the rate since last year

Dec. 27 – According to expert research published on December 21, the combined popularity of bank resources in Russia’s social networks (official Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, etc. ) has increased by over 50 times since last year. Every third bank out of the country’s Top-100 largest banks today has either established its official resources in social networks or is using new communication channels such as ICQ or Skype. This is almost twice as many as compared to 2010. The total number of subscribers of the largest banks’ official pages in 2011 has reached nearly half a million people.

The bank with the highest popularity (based on total number of subscribers) currently is UniCredit Bank, the Russian daughter of an Italy-based bank, with an audience of about 300,000 people. UniCredit Bank is also leading in the number of subscribers on Facebook and its Russian look-alike Vkontakte. Among Twitter accounts, the first place currently belongs to Yekaterinburg’s SKB-Bank. OTP Bank Russia (daughter of Hungary’s OTP) and Kazan-based AK Bars are the most widely represented banks on various social networks.

The data are presented in the analytical report published on December 21, ”Social Networking in Russia’s Top-100 Banking Sector”. This study is the latest development of a project analyzing integration of the largest Russian banks in social networks, which began in 2010. Last year’s report was Russia’s first attempt to give a comparative analysis of the activity of the Top-100 largest Russian banks in social networks. The new study shows that last year’s volume has more than doubled, which reflects the significantly increased amount of analytical data. None of last year’s leading banks were able to maintain their positions in 2011.

Sections of the report ”Social Networking in Russia’s Top-100 Banking Sector” :

1. Level of involvement of banking sector in social networks with charts and graphs. Every third of the largest banks in Russia has official resources in social networks

2. The growth in popularity of bank resources with charts and graphs. The overall popularity of bank resources grew by more than 50 times since last year.

3. Ratings of banks by total number of subscribers of official pages and groups. The leader in popularity is UniCredit Bank with an audience of about 300,000 people.

4. Ratings by coverage of various social networking tools. The most widely represented banks across various social networks are AK Bars and OTP Bank.

5. Which networks are of the greatest interest to the banks? Today it’s Facebook, although VKontakte is also very popular.

6. More ratings: Who leads in each of the social networks: FB, Twitter, VKontakte, LiveJournal.

7. Summary and Conclusions

8. Appendix: Summary table. The summary table presents data for banks, which have official resources in social networks or use any new channels of communication (ICQ, Skype, etc.) for 2011 and 2010. Banks are grouped alphabetically. For each bank there are titles of resources with number of subscribers and direct links. For information, each bank’s rating by total assets at the end of 2011 is also included.

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