SAP Solutions for Sales and Logistics for Russia

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By Albina Safina, Senior SAP Expert

SAP software solutions help companies to improve the efficiency of enterprises in Russia and to respond operatively to changes in the requirements of legislation in Russia. SAP rapidly develops procedures and documents required under the new regulations. The country version of SAP for Russia provides standard statutory print documents required for different business processes: sales, receipt and return,  transportation and movements, and inventory.

Revised and Corrected VAT-invoices
In accordance with the government Decree №1137 from November 26, 2011, SAP has rapidly developed print documents for revised and corrected VAT invoices, and procedures for their registration in the system. Newly created VAT invoices are automatically reflected in the purchase/sale ledgers and in the journals of received and issued VAT invoices.
Electronic Documents Interchange
In 2012, Russia issued a number of resolutions to allow the exchange of electronic documents. In
2013, SAP released a solution for the exchange of electronic invoices via EDI, and then also provided
a solution for the exchange of source documents, electronic delivery notes (TORG-12), and acts of the
works performed.
SAP provides a journal of electronic documents, which can be signed with an electronic signature,
sent via EDI, viewed in PDF, or amended with other attachments in one click. It is then possible to easily
track statuses – for example, you can determine whether the buyer received the documents submitted, conclude whether the sender has received notice of delivery, and handle requests for
clarification, if any, came from the buyer.
When the buyer gets TORG-12 he can confirm receipt of the document or he can file an act of discrepancies (TORG-2). SAP works with multiple EDI systems. The necessary operator is defined by
the client’s settings.
Goods in Transit
To address goods in transit through Russia, SAP has developed a specific set of functions, which includes: VAT posting for goods in transit, possibility to print VAT-invoices without invoice posting, automatically created records in sales ledger, goods issue posting to 45 account after dispatch from the warehouse, and discrepancy registration after customer has confirmed the delivery’s arrival.

Foreign Trade Operations
According to the Russian legislation and accounting requirements, SAP has developed solutions for
conducting foreign trade operations in Russia, including:

  • Import and export deal passports maintenance with followed tracking of expiry dates and amount of deal
  • Import custom declarations maintenance
  • Temporary and final export custom declarations maintenance
  • Recording of customs declaration numbers for all imported goods then printing relevant customs
    declaration number and country of origin on the outgoing VAT-invoice.
  • Tracking of imported goods custom declaration number for movements within the company and
    intercompany transfers
  • Customs fees and duties calculation and posting
  • VAT for import custom declaration calculation and posting
  • Import custom declaration number reflection in the purchasing ledger
  • Possibility to import custom declarations from external systems
  • Storage of scanned documents
  • VAT accounting for unconfirmed export
  • Separate VAT accounting for export
  • Secondary events processing
  • Custom declaration report with opportunity to post and track statuses

The latest release SAP EHP7 provides an opportunity to form the system certificate of currency  operations and certificate of supporting documents, transmit them electronically to the bank, and track
information provided to the bank. The new report on foreign exchange control represents real-time
data in the system on shipments and payments, data transferred to the bank, balances for shipment
and payment, balance before the end of the deal passport until the date of settlement.

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