Russian Rail Freight Volumes Increase Jan-May 2021

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Russian rail freight volumes are double that of the United States

Freight transport turnover in Russia in January-May 2021 increased by 3.7% year-on-year and amounted to 2.3 trillion tonne-kilometers (t/km), according to the Russian Statistics Agency.

Freight turnover of railway transport increased 4.6% to 1.09 billion tonnes/km. Freight turnover of road transport increased by 7.6% – up to 109.9 billion tonnes/km. The cargo turnover of sea transport increased by 4.7% and amounted to 16.4 billion tonnes/km, while the indicator for inland water transport decreased by 17.1%, to 14.8 billion tonnes/km. At the same time, cargo turnover of air transport increased by 32.4%, to 3.5 billion tonnes/km, and pipeline transport, by 2.8%, to 1,093.9 billion tonnes/km.

Russia transports the second largest amount of tonnes/km in the world, second only to China. The United States transported about 2.1 trillion tonnes/km in 2020, less than 50% of Russian volumes. Russian volumes can be expected to increase further due to the coming impact of the INSTC rail network, the BTK route, and the planned development of additional road and rail corridors into Central Asia, Siberia and the Russian Arctic.

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