Russian Petroleum Being Exported To Estonia

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Truth will always come out. Pictured is an Estonian petroleum carrier,  leaving the Russian Kirishi petroleum plant in Leningrad Oblast, about 100km south of St.Petersburg yesterday (Monday, September 19). The vehicle was one of several spotted leaving the Kirishi facility – presumably bound for Estonia as the ATV haulage company is based there, and the vehicles are displaying Estonian EU licence plates. 

The image betrays the official position of Estonia, which has mandated a total ban on Russian energy imports, and whose Tax and Customs Board (MTA) has stated that claims of Russian oil products have been reaching gas stations in Estonia are false. That suggests either they are covering up the issue for political purposes or are unaware – in which case it means that the product is being smuggled in and is avoiding Estonian import duties.

The Estonian Foreign Minister has called for additional bans on the import of Russian oil and gas products, however the image seen signifies either that Estonia’s politicians are stating policies without actually wanting them to be carried out, or that the Governments will is being defeated by Estonian smugglers and illegal traders. Clearly, the evidence points to a procedure being carried out that the Estonian government is unwilling or unable to acknowledge. It also potentially implies that the defeat of sanctions against Russia may well be coming from within the EU. Food for thought in a conflict where what is being stated is often far from reality.

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