Russian Labor Market Tempts Few Workers but Lures Seekers of Income Boost

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Apr. 20 – According to a recent survey conducted by international online recruitment service The Network, only 7 percent of foreigners would like to work in Russia.

Among the 66,000 polled from 35 different nations, citizens of Finland (36 percent), Latvia (20 percent) and Ukraine (17 percent) were more positive towards the thought of working in Russia while citizens of Philippines and Indonesia (3 percent), Ireland and Morocco (4 percent), as well as people from of South Africa, Egypt, Hungary and Malaysia (5 percent) were not as keen to work in Russia.

According to the president of one of the Russian recruitment companies and member of The Network, Jury Virovets, foreigners are frightened off by the sheer expense of life in Russia and concerns about personal safety and security. “For the majority of the population of other countries our country remains a wild corner where you can be killed or robed and nobody will protect you”, he said to Vedomosti. In Mr. Virovets’s opinion, this is straight reflection of the common image of the country on the world scene.

“For Finnish people to work in Russia is a step forward. In other European countries they can be employed only in the most unattractive positions, and here they at once get more money and better career prospects than in the homeland” said Virovets while adding, “In general Ukrainians are more focused on Western Europe. Those who go to work to Russia are perceived as inexpensive labor and treated with disregard”.

According to Natalia Kurantovoja, sales manager at the Russian office of Kelly Services, the greatest number of expats to Russia come from the US, Germany, France and Great Britain.
“These countries have strong business communities in Russia” she said. “To keep in mind historical background I understand way people from countries like Hungary and Poland are not keen to come here.”

Survey data has shown that among the majority of those who wished to work in Russia aged between 25 to 35 years, 75 percent had bachelors or masters degrees, 60 percent were employed and 25 percent unemployed. According to statistical data Russia has been picked more often by IT experts (25 percent), managers (18 percent) and economists (17 percent). The reasons why foreigners want to work in Russia are mainly high salaries (70 percent), fast career growth (58 percent) and possibilities of additional training (32 percent).

According to another survey conducted by The Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), Russia has appeared on the third place with 17.6 percent of voters after China (54.4 percent) and India (28 percent) among the countries where Europeans and U.S. citizens prefer to go for faster career advancements. The majority of surveyed experts believe that on the average, two to four years abroad is enough for a career launch.

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