Russia Upgrades Arctic Airports & Ports As Part Of Northern Sea Passage Infrastructure

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Four strategic airports in Russia’s Arctic are in the process of being upgraded as the government plans for the development of the Northern Sea Route’s infrastructure begin to take shape.


The upgrades include the airport complex in Amderma (east of the Nenets Region), a base for the development of oil fields, as well as the airport in Pevek (Chukotka). Yakutia’s Chersky airport is also being developed and is not far from the Kolyma river port, which is 130km downstream from the East Siberian Sea and a major processing base.

The Keperveyem airport near Bilibino, Chukokta’s third city is also being upgraded and will improve links: only air transport connects Chukotka’s capital Anadyr with Bilibino.

The government also plans to develop the infrastructure of related seaports and terminals. Renovation of the Pevek sea port is due to be completed by December, 2020, followed by the Sabetta sea port in the Yamalo-Nenets Region. The port will begin working year-round and will become a key hub on the Northern Sea Route.

The Northern Sea Passage is to become a major route for shipping and is expected to be in near-constant use by 2034. Oil and gas supplies are to be send to China and Asia from fields in the region, in addition to other goods and products from China to Europe.

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