Russia, UAE Discuss Elements Of Developing A New World Order

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Thousands of Russian Digital Nomads Are Taking Up Residence In The Emirates 

Russian President Putin has met with the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, where they reviewed a number of regional and international issues and developments of common concern during discussions.

The Sheikh affirmed the UAE’s endevour to contribute to strengthening the foundations of global peace and stability to reduce tensions and find diplomatic solutions to crises. This is a departure from the Emirates previous position, where it only used to be involved in regional development issues. Now it is seeking a globally influential role – and is tending to align itself with Russia, as has Saudi Arabia.

Sheikh Mohamed highlighted the importance of continuing to make unremitting efforts to find political solutions to crises and tensions, stressing the need for dialogue between all parties.

He underscored the UAE’s policy in support of peace and stability on the regional and international arenas and called for the need to continue serious consultations to resolve the Ukraine crisis through dialogue, negotiation and diplomacy to reach a political settlement in order to achieve global peace and security.

There are regional implications. Nearby Turkiye has also been involved in brokering discussions between Russia and Ukraine, including the Grain Corridor.

However, when it comes to further mediation to bring the conflict to an end, Turkiye may not necessarily be considered the optimum partner by Russia. This is because Ankara is aligned with NATO and has strong connections with the EU and has supported Ukraine in the conflict. Russian President Putin is therefore looking for other allies to assist.

Dr Anwar Mohamed Gargash, Diplomatic Advisor to the UAE President, wrote yesterday (October 11) that “The visit by UAE President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan to Russia was previously scheduled within the framework of bilateral relations and our independent sovereign options. However, the escalation of the war in Ukraine requires an urgent solution through diplomacy, dialogue and respect for the rules and principles of international law, and this is the UAE’s firm position.”

On his part, Putin hailed the ties between the two countries as important for regional and global stability. “Despite all the difficulties that exist in the international relations today, ties between Russia and the UAE are an important factor of stability in the region and the entire world,” Putin said. He applauded Sheikh Mohamed for mediation efforts that helped solve some “really sensitive humanitarian issues” in Ukraine.

Russians Working In The UAE

The UAE has become a haven for many Russians, decamping to Dubai in particular as sanctions bit into their working capabilities – and especially the banking and financial sectors cutting off the ability for Russians to receive foreign income. Those already involved in a digital nomad type of role – essentially working from home but with overseas clients – have opted to be based in the UAE instead. Digital Nomad Visas and the ability to open bank accounts in the UAE have had the effect of seeing thousands of young Russian professionals decamp to the Emirates. Russian is now the third-most spoken language in the UAE after English and Arabic, while a local magazine is specifically aimed at Russian expats.

Russian nationals wishing to establish themselves in the UAE may contact Maria Kotova at Dezan Shira & Associates Dubai office at

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