Russia’s Tomsk Region Reaches Out To Improve Azerbaijan & Middle Corridor Trade

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In a growing trend of Russian regions reaching out to create new business opportunities directly with sovereign nations, the Tomsk Oblast (province) of Russia has sent a business mission to Azerbaijan. Businesses from Tomsk are discussing bilateral trade with Azeri counterparts in Baku from September 26-28.

Tomsk is in Southern Siberia and has a total population of about 1.2 million, of which half live in the capital city, also known as Tomsk. It is an important Siberian trade hub and located on part of the Trans-Siberian Railway, which stretches to Moscow to the West and Vladivostok on Russia’s Pacific coast. Goods can be sent from Tomsk, to Russia’s Caspian Sea Ports at Astrakhan by rail, a journey that takes 2.5 days. From there they are loaded onto ships which transfer goods to Baku.

Tomsk businesses are interested in the route as Baku is part of the ‘Middle Corridor’ which allows further access West by Rail and Shipping to the Caucasus, Turkiye and southern Europe. They can also head south to Iran’s Anzali Port, bisect the INSTC and reach Chabahar, and from there be shipped onto the Middle East and South Asia. The route essentially gives Tomsk export access to the Mediterranean and Black Seas and the Indian Ocean.

Tomsk has machinery and equipment of use to these regions, and is a primary manufacturer of medical equipment, timber processing products, equipment and materials for water treatment, electricity generation and distribution and fertilizers.

Russia has a trade agreement with Azerbaijan through their mutual membership of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The mission is organized by the Export Support Center of the Tomsk Region with the assistance of the regional department for the development of innovative and entrepreneurial activities, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and the Russian Export Center (REC) as part of the national project ‘Small and medium-sized businesses and support for individual entrepreneurial initiatives’.

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