Russia’s Seafood Exports To China Up 51% In 2022

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Russia’s total seafood exports to China have reached 430,000 metric tons as of Nov. 1 since the beginning of 2022, or up 51% year-on-year, according to Rosrybolovstvo, Russia’s Federal Fishery Agency.

From January-October 2022, Russia’s seafood exports to China hit US$1.2 billion in value terms, up 40% YoY. Russian seafood imports from China reached US$221 million, or 39,400t.

From January-October 2022, Russia’s total trade with China in all goods amounted to US$153.9bn, also up 33% y-o-y, with much of Europe and North America shunning Russian produce. Rosrybolovstvo said it was vital to the Russian seafood sector to be able to export surplus products to foreign markets, though supplying the domestic seafood market remains a priority.

Much of Russia’s fishing fleet serving the Asian market is based in Vladivostok, on Russia’s Far East coast from where they can access the lucrative north-eastern Arctic waters. Vladivostok is a 2,400km shipping distance north of Dalian, in China’s Liaoning Province, itself a major fishing seaport.

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