Russia Proposes Creation Of Special Visa / Residence Categories For Foreigners From ‘Unfriendly’ Countries Who Wish To Reside In Russia

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Dmitry Volvach, Russia’s Deputy Economic Development Minister, has stated that the Russian government is discussing a new, special category for visa applications and residence status for the estimated 45,000 foreigners from unfriendly countries who are ready to settle in Russia. He made the statement at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) on Wednesday (June 14).

“The issue of creating conditions for foreign citizens to move to Russia is still a crucial one,” Volvach said. “Currently, the program for compatriots does not meet the demand in full. Not every foreigner, who shares and supports Russia’s values and culture, can take advantage of the current program while having no family roots. We intend to offer a new branch to those individuals.”

Volvach said that “According to our estimates, 45,000 foreigners from unfriendly countries are willing to move to Russia. About 70% come from European countries, and 25% are from the United States, Canada and Australia.”

“These will include skilled foreigners married to Russian or Belarussian women and to European producers who previously exported their products to Russia but because of EU sanctions are prevented from doing so. Many of these will want to carry on their business and are welcome to transfer to Russia to establish their operations here and supply direct.”

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