Russia May Simplify Alien Visa Regulations

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Mar. 26 – The Ministry of economic development and trade (MEDT) wants to simplify a visa regulations for highly qualified foreigners.

In particular, the ministry suggests canceling quotas on delivery of work permits and delivery of invitations to entrance, and also to do without the coordination of their hiring with employment officials. Now the state registration for foreign worker takes from 12 to 23 months, after simplifying it will occupy no more then month, as it is told in MEDT’s presentation.

Under the procedure currently in place, each company is required to identify which staff will be necessary to them in Russia almost for a year prior to the beginning of the project.

Currently foreigners can receive only a one year work permit, and it is necessary to obtain the separate permit for each region – if you work in St. Petersburg, you cannot work in Moscow.

The Ministry would like the make a standardize the work permits across the country and prolong its term to three years.

Before starting to teach at the Russian university foreign professors obliged to come several times within a year to complete the paperwork procedures. “When people see, how the migratory authorities treats them, their desire to work in Russia sharply decreases,” rector of The Russian Economic School Sergey Guriev told Vedomosti. For some of them it is too much and instead of Russia they go to Latin America or Europe, he said.

“Foreign investments break down by migratory barriers, and it is considered in investment decisions making process,” Baker and McKenzie partner Evgenie Rejzman said to Russian business daily Kommersant.

The MEDT expects to spend changes quickly enough that they have started to operate since January 1, 2011

Liberalization of migratory rules will apply only to highly skilled employees, and specialists involved in priority projects realization. There would be some criteria, like income level, education degree, qualification and an operational experience.