Russia, Iran To Increase Caspian Maritime Trade Shipping

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Ro-Ro Vessels To Ply Iranian Agricultural Trade Between Anzali And Lagan Ports 

One of the outcomes of Iranian President Raisi’s recent visit to Moscow has been an immediate commitment to increase Caspian Sea trade shipping, which will in turn boost the use of the International North-South Transportation Corridor (INSTC).

The Iran Shipping Line Group has held negotiations with Russia to purchase a roll-on roll-off ship and increase its fleet in the Caspian Sea, with this specific vessel being purposed for transferring Iranian agricultural products from its Anzali Port to Russia. There are ongoing negotiations about increasing the bilateral multi-modal traffic the International North-South Transportation Corridor. Anzali Port is directly north-west from Tehran, while Russia’s new Lagan Port is slightly south from Astrakhan.

The INSTC connects Iran’s northern and southern ports and increases trade with India via Chabahar and Bandar Abbas ports. The corridor will boost cargo transit to Central Asian countries and Russia.

There have been negotiations between India and Russia to trade wheat and coal via Iran’s route. Russia’s cargo transit to the Persian Gulf states and India requires the completion of the Iran railway corridor, which runs north-south through Iran and connects to Chabahar. At present, part of this route is still reliant on road transport, which is less effective.

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