Russia Increases VAT Rate to 20 Percent

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The Russian State Duma has approved the raising of the standard VAT rate to 20 percent, up from the previous level of 18 percent. VAT relief goods will not be affected by the hike. The new rate compares with Russia’s neighbors and primary markets as follows:

Country Standard VAT Rate
Azerbaijan 18%
Belarus 20%
China 16%
Estonia 20%
Finland 24%
France 20%
Georgia 18%
Germany 19%
Japan 8%
Kazakhstan 12%
Latvia 21%
Lithuania 21%
Mongolia 10%
North Korea 15%
Norway 25%
Poland 23%
United States 10%

The new changes will come into effect from 1st January 2019, giving countries with both lower VAT rates on Russia’s borders such as Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and North Korea as well as those with higher rates, including Finland, Poland, and Norway something to think about in terms of customs deployment.


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