Russia Briefing’s China Coverage Now Gets Nearly A Million More Views Than China Law Blog

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In the on-going online rankings battle for views concerning China, the Seattle based China Law Blog has been around for some time. Often opinionated, but in recent years highly critical of China, its popularity has plummeted, both in terms of what it says, but also in relevance. This has partly been driven by its exposure to US based business readers who have been badly hit by the US-China trade war. Articles on China Law Blog have turned increasingly anti-China, which is not helpful when the US based China imports focused business has been struggling. Articles such as:

Would The Last Company Manufacturing in China Please Turn Out The Lights? (written when China’s consumer confidence index reached a ten year high)

Hong Kong For International Business: Stick A Fork In It (written shortly before Hong Kong produced 2019’s highest value IPO at just shy of US$12 billion)

The US-China Cold War Starts Now: What You Must Do To Prepare (An apocalyptic treatise which both didn’t come true and has been overtaken by Phase One of the US-China trade deal)

All show the ultimately out-of-touch nature of trying to discuss China business trends when sitting in an office in Seattle. It’s a shame, as folk such as their law correspondent Steve Dickinson put in a lot of hard work to articles on that site. Had they ever actually invested as a licensed law firm in China they might have been able to develop and better understand what is happening on the ground. But they didn’t, and China Law Blog’s latest Alexa statistics have them at 2,301,054 in global website rankings, supported by bizarre key words and phrases such as “China Movie Stars Pay” and “Uncle Martian”.

It’s ironic then that their latest blog post You Like Us. You Really Like Us is a self congratulatory piece, praising three other blogs that have guested their comments as a sign of great success. It’s a nice bit of self promotion, but Alexa’s viewing stats tell a rather different picture.

Ultimately, China Law Blog has bitten the hand that fed it and become uber-China critical. That’s not good when trying to promote the country as an investment destination, while their suggestions that Pakistan and Turkey are good China alternatives for US investors fail to understand the complexities and difficulties in these markets. It is sad to see their popularity drop off like that, but that’s what happens when writing about China issues from offices 9,000km away. You just lose touch with reality.

In contrast, Russia Briefing, which also carries China-related trade and investment intelligence, has seen its Alexa popularity rankings reach record highs with articles such as:

Russia-China Bilateral Trade Hit US$100 Billion In 2019. What Is China Buying? 

Russia, China To Set Up US$1 Billion Greater Bay Fund

China To Establish Heilongjiang Free Trade Zone On Border With Russia 

We focus instead on the China based opportunities for expansion and development. At Russia Briefing we cater for the Russia-China trade corridor among other domestic Russian issues. It’s not relevant for all businesses, but the Russia-China content is more relevant in terms of opportunities between the two countries than the China Law Blog manages. It shows, too, Russia Briefing’s Alexa rankings are 888,209 rankings higher than the Seattle-based, 9,000km away boys, while our sister site, China Briefing, is one of the world’s highest ranked China legal and business websites at 106,128 and is supported by a firm with hundreds of professionals and offices on the ground. It makes a huge difference – hence the rankings. China business readers aren’t stupid.

There are other pertinent websites too. Our Belt & Road Initiative site is ranked 722,448 while Vietnam Briefing ranks at 290,934; which is representative of where a lot of US sourcing and contract manufacturers are now heading.  Subscriptions to all these and others, such as ASEAN and India Briefing can be obtained, free of charge here.

We’re sorry to see China Law Blog fade off so badly, but really, taking an anti-China stance when China trade is diversifying and changing was never going to be a productive move. The fact that Russia Briefing’s China focused articles gain more traction than China Law Blogs negativity  is a pointer to the fact that businesses should take little notice of lawyers, government officials or anyone else who writes China off. It’s been going on for 30 years and never happened. Business readers want solutions, not moans and groans about China.

The lesson here is that China may be changing, but there is plenty of life in her developing trade corridors. Russia Briefing’s popularity in our viewing figures demonstrates just one trade corridor that is growing. All businesses involved in China at some stage will eventually have to work out what to do about diversifying too. But slating China and writing its potential off is not the way ahead. As for Russia? There are difficulties, but these are easing. Our Russia desk is able to both direct investment into Russia and assist Russian investors establish operations in China.

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Meanwhile, stick with the websites that offer solutions, not grumbles, moans and despair about future business in the country. It’s all about diversification and heading for where the opportunities are.

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