Purovsky Bridge Over The River Pur Opens In Yakutia

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Russia’s own domestic infrastructure build continues with the completion of the first bridge over the River Pur, in Yakutia, Siberia.

The River Pur proper starts at the confluence of the Pyakupur and Ayvasedapur Rivers, and is 389 kilometres long. It is often considered as an extension the Pyakupur, in which case it can be measured at 1,024 kilometres. The Pur flows into the Taz Estuary, which is connected through the Gulf of Ob and the Kara Sea. The river freezes up in November and stays icebound until May.

The regional government has stated that the bridge is very important for development of the eastern districts, including the Tazovskaya Bay’s coastal area. The bridge gives a reliable access to 50 oil and gas fields. “Before the bridge was built, there was a fee-based pontoon crossing, and twice a year, the service was disrupted, and every time traffic stopped for up to a month.”

The new bridge is 1,023 meters long, and cost 10 billion rubles (US$130 million). It was constructed in 12 months. The Purovsky Bridge is the only bridge in Russia built without investments from budgets. It was financed by a private investor, who will reimburse the money by charging commercial vehicles for using the bridge. At the same time, the local residents will cross the bridge for free.

The crossing toll for trucks and other commercial vehicles is also lower than the previous toll for using the former pontoon crossing. A truck under 12 tonnes paid 12,000 rubles at the pontoon (US$156), while the fee to cross the bridge is about 3,000 rubles (US$39). The concession agreement’s term is for 15 years, after which crossing the bridge will be free.

The Purovsky Bridge now provides permanent access to 50 oil and gas companies covering 20 fields, which can assist with development of the Tazovskaya Guba (Taz Bay). The bridge impacts thousands of residents in the Purovsky, Tazovsky and Krasnoselkupsky Districts.

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