Pakistan’s Prime Minister Khan Meets Putin, Discusses Trade

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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Iman Khan continued with his planned trip to Moscow to discuss trade and bilateral relations between Pakistan and Russia with Russin President Putin. Khan’s trip went ahead despite the Russian invasion into Ukraine and finished Thursday (February 24).

Khan’s visit was to discuss the building of a gas pipeline between Russia and Pakistan in addition to other development projects. He was the first Pakistani Prime Minister to visit Moscow since 1999. Khan has been pushing for the construction of a long-delayed, multi-billion-dollar gas pipeline to be built in collaboration with Russian companies, in addition to security in Afghanistan. Pakistan, along with Russia is a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Security Council, while Pakistan has also made enquiries about a potential Free Trade Agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union.

Russia’s relationship with Pakistan in complex due to Moscow’s relationship with India, also a client state in gas and weapons. Bilateral trade is relatively small, with Pakistan exporting US$277 million of goods in 2019, and Russia exporting US$178 million to Pakistan.

Most Russian trade is in lentils, newsprint, and carbon, while Pakistan exports citrus and leather.

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