New Complimentary ‘Doing Business In Russia 2021’ Guide Launched

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Dezan Shira & Associates have just released their new ‘Doing Business In Russia 2021’ Guide, a 64-page complimentary publication designed to introduce the fundamentals of foreign investment into Russia. It includes a market and foreign trade overview, details of trademark registrations and IP, corporate establishment, tax advisory and compliance, a guide to Russia’s Double Tax Treaty Agreements, a directory of free trade zones, applicable tax incentives, together with bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, recommended software, and audit requirements.

The firm has representation in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok and can field enquiries from foreign businesses interested in the Russian market. This will be of special interest to Asian investors as Russia continues its new “Look East” policy with Free Trade Agreements with numerous Asian countries and several pending this year, especially within the context of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Bilateral trade with China is expected to hit US$200 billion by 2025, while FTA signed off with Singapore and Vietnam have proved successful. India is also currently negotiating an FTA with the EAEU with positive signs that could be concluded this year.  These open significant opportunities for Asian and other countries involved to sell to the Russian and EAEU markets – a combined population of 176 million and a GDP of US$5 trillion. 

The Doing Business in Russia 2021 Guide can be downloaded from the Asia Briefing bookstore, free of charge, here.

Other 2021 Guides to Doing Business in China, ASEAN, India and Vietnam can also all be obtained from the Asia Briefing bookstore.

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During these uncertain times, we must stress that our firm does not approve of the Ukraine conflict. We do not entertain business with sanctioned Russian companies or individuals. However, we are well aware of the new emerging supply chains, can advise on strategic analysis and new logistics corridors, and may assist in non-sanctioned areas. We can help, for example, Russian companies develop operations throughout Asia, including banking advisory services, and trade compliance issues, and have done since 1992.

We also provide financial and sanctions compliance services to foreign companies wishing to access Russia. Additionally, we offer market research and advisory services to foreign exporters interested in accessing Russia as the economy looks to replace Western-sourced products. For assistance, please email or visit