Gazprom Starts Work On The Arctic Northern Latitudinal Railway

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Gazprom is beginning construction (overhaul) of the Nadym – Pangody section of railroad, which will become a part of the Northern Latitudinal Railway, the company has said. The Northern Latitudinal Railway will allow for organizing a direct connection between Northern and Sverdlovsk railroads on the Obskaya – Salekhard – Nadym – Pangody – Novy Urengoy – Korotchaevo route in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District (YNAO). The total length of the railway is about 700 km.

A general contractor agreement has been signed for carrying out construction and installation work on the Nadym – Pangody section (109 km in length).

According to the Russian government procurement system, the contract value for the construction period from now through to the end of 2027 is Rubles 43.166 billion (US$732 million).

According to the document, the reconstruction and reinforcement of the existing railway infrastructure, including the roadbed, bridges, energy and transport facilities, as well as communications, will be carried out in line with required technical parameters. Gazprom plans to use the new transport route in the YNAO to export hydrocarbon products from the company’s fields in the region, as well as to deliver cargo and personnel to the sites.

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