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russia-book-coverLuc Jones, a Partner with the Antal recruitment practice in Moscow, has just published the third edition of his guide to living and working in Russia, the archly titled “Why Russians Don’t Smile“.

The book, which runs to 174 pages, contains nineteen sections dealing with everything from etiquette to language to entertainment, with a lot of detail about how best to operate within a Russian business environment. A selection of tips:

  • Don’t arrange business meetings before 10am. Russians do breakfast at home.
  • Business Russians generally don’t drink vodka at lunch.
  • Don’t believe everything you’ve read in International media about Russia.
  • Do arrange business cards, and preferably with a Russian translation on one side.
  • It can be considered bad luck to shake hands across a door entrance. Do in inside.
  • Always give an odd number of flowers. Even numbers of flowers are for funerals.
  • Business attire is conservative. Black suit, white shirt. Leave pink in the wardrobe.
  • Russians use two names, their full and shortened, and they may not appear similar.
  • Russians buy expensive. Mark ups on luxury brands are often higher than in Europe.
  • Russia is often considered a terrible place to do business but a great place to make money!

“Why Russian’s Don’t Smile” is a great introduction to what is a culturally vibrant and energetic business community in Russia, and is especially valid for new-to-Russia executives from Asia exploring the new opportunities that Western sanctions hit Russia has. The country has fully put on the Asian face to its geographic spread, and is both selling goods and buying rapidly increasing amounts of goods from Asia. This book will help to settle executives in while exploring, and can be downloaded here.

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