European Road Network Completely Cut From Russian Route Maps

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Istanbul connectivity the new Russia-EU transit hub

By Chris Devonshire-Ellis

European road connectivity has been completely cut from Russian GPS maps in an illustration of how serious Moscow views the EU’s perspective of the Ukraine conflict, and further evidence that Russia views the EU import and export markets as ‘dead.’

This of course has significant and long-term implications for all EU businesses conducting trade with Russia and vice-versa, and has made Istanbul (shown as a red dot) the new central point for EU-Russian trade. It is also the nearest and fastest access point between Russia and Europe. It is a 3.5 hour flight between Moscow and Istanbul, coupled with the required connecting flights between Istanbul and all European destinations.

2021 EU-Russia bilateral trade had reached €257.5 billion, with nearly all of that now looking to be sourced from new routes. Dezan Shira & Associates Chairman, Chris Devonshire-Ellis, is currently in Turkiye looking at facilitation opportunities.

Chris Devonshire-Ellis in Istanbul: Looking for new ways to reconnect Europe and Asia.

There are opportunities in Istanbul for Turkish trade facilitators to service these markets, while both Russian and European traders interested in each other’s markets may wish to consider Istanbul as a mutual trade and parallel import hub. Dezan Shira & Associates has a partner firm in Istanbul who can assist and is in the process of establishing its own entity in the city. Please contact:

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