Ensuring Staff HR and Payroll Commitments Are Met In Russia

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Assistance is on hand to provide sanctions compliance advisory and payroll assistance for employees based in Russia 

We are aware that confusion and delays due to financial sanctions imposed on Russia are affecting the transfer of legitimate business HR and payroll commitments to Russian employees from overseas.

This means that payroll planning is required to ensure staff are paid on time and delays are minimized, while financial and transactional security is maintained and improved. This includes ensuring that Russian staff are kept up to date with social security and related contributions such as medical insurance, social insurance, and pensions contributions that employers are liable for. Non-payment can result in fines being levied.

Dezan Shira & Associates has an extensive payroll and HR services division and can provide advisory and financial services to assist foreign clients with questions or facing difficulties in making such payments to Russia. We pre-vet clients to ensure sanctions compliance, and have Russian, Chinese, and European language capabilities to assist with legitimate business conserns. Please contact us at payroll@dezshira.com for advice and assistance.

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During these uncertain times, we must stress that our firm does not approve of the Ukraine conflict. We do not entertain business with sanctioned Russian companies or individuals. However, we are well aware of the new emerging supply chains, can advise on strategic analysis and new logistics corridors, and may assist in non-sanctioned areas. We can help, for example, Russian companies develop operations throughout Asia, including banking advisory services, and trade compliance issues, and have done since 1992.

We also provide financial and sanctions compliance services to foreign companies wishing to access Russia. Additionally, we offer market research and advisory services to foreign exporters interested in accessing Russia as the economy looks to replace Western-sourced products. For assistance, please email russia@dezshira.com or visit www.dezshira.com