Coronavirus: Russia Closes Far East Border. Advice For Russian Businesses With Operations In China

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Three regions in Russia’s Far East have closed their borders with China until February 7th amid fears over the outbreak of coronavirus in China. The closures affect border crossings in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, Khabarovsk and Amur regions. Border crossings at Primorsky Krai remain open for now.

The virus has a 7-10 day, non-symptomatic incubation period, hence the February 7th date when the prospects for the virus to be easily transmitted and spread will be better known.
Mongolia and North Korea have also closed borders with China.russian_far_east_region

We do not recommend trips to China at this moment, and advise that Russian invested businesses in China need to take steps to locate staff and suppliers. The article Managing & Protecting Your China Business & Staff During The Coronavirus Outbreak gives advise on steps to take, and has updates on the current situation.

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