Chinese Association of Automobile Manufacturers Starts Operations in Russia

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China targeting EU exited Russian auto market but will need to adapt

Boris Titov, the Chairman of the Russian-Chinese Committee for Friendship, Peace and Development has announced the establishment in Russia of the Association of Chinese Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) which includes the largest Chinese auto brands.

“Chinese cars, against the backdrop of the departure of Western manufacturers and the problems of the domestic auto industry, are filling the Russian market. But this is happening chaotically, non-systemically. There are barriers that prevent it from developing more efficiently. Therefore, we decided to take the initiative and proposed creating an Association of Chinese Automobile Manufacturers in Russia. Several days ago, its first meeting was held. Both the largest Chinese auto brands and Russian importers were included,” Titov said during a meeting with Xu Niansha, President of the China Machinery Industry Federation. The Russian-Chinese Committee for Friendship, Peace and Development is an interstate non-governmental organisation established by the leaders of the two countries in 1997.

According to Titov, the Chinese Association plans to develop work with Russian consumers. Its most important issue is to attract investment in the production of cars in Russia. “So far, Chinese auto brands are not very well known in Russia, and they are not always trusted. This needs to be changed.” Titov said.

Titov also discussed the work plan and key events for 2023 with the Chairman of the Chinese part of the Committee, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Central Committee Xia Baolong. The parties agreed to to hold the fifth Russian-Chinese SME Forum, and is expected to take place in Xi’an in September.

Titov and Xia also discussed the main issues of restoring Russian tourism in Hong Kong, including the intensification of direct flights. In addition, support for financial institutions that ensure business relations between Russia and China was also discussed.

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