Eurasian Transport Hub for the Silk Road Economic Belt to be Built in Outskirts of Moscow

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By Marina Romanova

vagon_03Russia and Kazakhstan plan to build a 400,000 TEU international logistic center ‘Central Dry Port’ in Moscow suburbs, Russian daily Kommersant reports. Russian firm Coalco Development and KTZExpress, subsidiary of Kazakhstan’s Railways, signed an agreement on this project on October 5th.

The construction site of the logistics hub handling containers passing along the “New Silk Road” (China – Kazakhstan – Europe) and Trans-Siberian corridor will be situated in Domodedovo district of Moscow region on a 60 hectare plot of land at Russian M-4 “Don” highway. Container and transport terminals, warehouses of low-temperature and dry containers are planned to be built there.

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Hyundai Motor’s Russia to Ship Cars to Georgia and Tunisia

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By Marina Romanova

asian-alliance-mapHyundai Motor’s Russian plant in St Petersburg will start exporting Russian-assembled cars to Georgia and Tunisia this month, the company said in its statement yesterday.

The world’s fifth-biggest automaker will ship the Solaris, its flagship model in Russia, to Tunisia and its Accent and Creta models to Georgia. Creta will also be exported to Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia and to the Middle Eastern Egypt and Lebanon.

Hyundai Motor’s Russia started producing its second model, Creta crossover, at company’s St Petersburg plant this August. Following an upgrade which cost the equivalent of US$100 million, Hyundai has now added production of the Creta crossover to the facility which formerly built only the Solaris small car.

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Russians Prefer Pricy, Attractively-Equipped Cars

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Aug. 31 – Sales of budget-priced cars have declined in the Russian market for the first half of 2012, an Ernst & Young study says.

Budget models that cost up to 600,000 rubles (US$18,737) accounted for less than half (49.5 percent) of total car sales countrywide, compared to the 55.8 percent of the market it held last year. Meanwhile, sales of cars with price tags of or over 1 million rubles (US$31,250) have increased in volume to 14.4 percent of total car sales, up from 9.6 percent in 2011. Continue reading…

Kamaz to Launch First Assembly Plant in the EU

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Jun. 11 – After a meeting with Kamaz officials in Vilnius, Lithuanian Prime Minister, Andrues Cubilus told the Baltic News Service that Russian truck maker, Kamaz, together with local partner Autobagi, plans to assemble trucks in Lithuania starting in September of this year.

The Lithuanian production line will be used to target sales in Eastern Europe, where it aims to boost its market share 10-fold. Continue reading…

Toyota Corp. to Open Dealerships in Far East Russia by Next Summer

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Dec. 23 – Toyota Motor Corp. plans to open new authorized dealer’s centers in the Far East Russian cities of Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and Nakhodka by summer of 2012, President of Toyota Motors Russia Takeshi Isogaya said in a statement released to the press.

Dealer’s centers would be established in concentrated areas within the cities already receiving Japanese investment. Continue reading…

Italy and Russia to Expand Bilateral Cooperation

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Oct. 27 – In spite of its own economic problems, Italy has managed to become Russia’s second largest trade partner in Europe after Germany. Trade turnover between the two states reached US$37.3 billion in 2010, according to the Russian Customs Service, representing a respectable recovery after trade turnover dropped to US$25 billion in 2009 after the Global Financial Crisis.

The two countries’ economic cooperation began when the Italian carmaker Fiat helped to set up Russia’s first car manufacturer AvtoVAZ, which produced Ladas based on a Fiat design. Continue reading…

Mazda Motor to Build Automobile Plant in the Russian Far East

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Jun. 24 – Japan’s Mazda Motor Corp. plans to build a US$80 million automobile plant in the Russian Far East to meet demand for Asian brands in the region, economy ministry official Dmitry Levchenkov said yesterday according to Interfax.

“We have signed an agreement with Mazda under the old industrial assembly regime. Production will be launched in the Primorye Territory in the Far East,” said Dmitry Levchenkov, head of the ministry’s special economic zone department. He added that the plant will produce 25,000 to 50,000 vehicles per year. New assembly is planned to launch in the middle of 2012. Continue reading…

Toyota to Produce Vehicles in Russia’s Far East

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Feb. 11 – Toyota will join forces with Russian automaker OAO Sollers to boost auto production close to the locations where demand for cars is growing, the Nikkei newspaper and Kyodo News agency reports, citing unidentified sources.

Toyota will ally with Japanese trading house Mitsui & Co to use the existing Sollers factory in the Russian city of Vladivostok to produce passenger cars, possibly sport utility vehicles, starting around next year. Continue reading…

Renault-Nissan to Raise its Stake in AvtoVAZ

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Nov. 1 – French auto-maker Renault SA and its Japanese alliance partner Nissan Motor Co. are in negotiations with Russian investment banking company Troika Dialog in a bid to purchase its 25 percent holding in Russia’s AvtoVAZ, the brokerage said Thursday.

“As part of our long-term strategy, the alliance will continue to make investments in our business in Russia, which could include taking a larger stake in our local partner,” Renault-Nissan spokesman Simon Sproule said in an e-mailed statement. Continue reading…

Hyundai Starts Up St. Petersburg Car Assembly Plant

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Sept. 27 – Hyundai Motor launched its first Russian full-cycle car assembly plant in St. Petersburg. The company invested a total of US$500 million in the facility, which will work in pilot mode until the end of this year and start commercial production in January.

Production at the plant will include stamping, welding, painting and assembling. Continue reading…

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