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B2B EDI (1C & SAP) in Russia

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By Anna Gorbunova, Deputy Finance Director and Sergey Mikheyev, Project Manager B2B EDI

One aspect of Russian accountancy is the necessity of documents like the Act, Nakladnaya and Schet-Factura, which require hours of printing, manual stamping and signing, mailing, and storing. The Federal Law of the Ministry of Finance, FZ-402 caused a real ‘revolution’ in Russian accounting. One of its most important solutions was the introduction of the Electronic Document Interchange (EDI). Now it is possible and legally valid to create, send, confirm, and archive accounting documents electronically.
Moreover, Tax Authorities accept electronic submission of documents to them during tax audits.

EDI significantly simplifies document flow between two companies and saves hours of work. This puts an end to piles of paperwork and improves document interchange transparency. There is reduced time spent on processing documents, quicker access to archived documents, automated control and processing, and guaranteed document delivery. And, as a result, there is decreased expense for invoice processing. The transparency of financial and contract work also increases as the document flow becomes more controllable and e-copies can be easily retrieved and traced. The electronic invoice process eliminates a number of tasks and thus gives the accountant an opportunity to focus more on customer service and relationships.

Environmental impact of the EDI introduction is also quite significant, leading to less waste – in paper,
ink, energy, etc. In order to implement this new process, an externally certified operator is required. The
clients’ and suppliers’ ERP systems are not directly connected to each other, but through an external
certified operator. Several certified operator companies on the market are offering this service. Using a certificate from the Certification Authority, the seller creates and electronically signs a document which is sent to the certified operator. The certified operator checks the certificate, sends the confirmation to the seller, and forwards the document to the buyer. Once received, the buyer will then sign using his certificate and send the confirmation back to the certified operator who will forward it to the seller. The electronic document can be saved directly in the archive of both companies. The certified operator additionally saves the sent and the received confirmations.
There exist several EDI solutions which could be integrated with 1C. This could be default or external integration. For example, it is possible to sign and send the documents directly from 1C or to open them in a special interface connected to 1C, sign and send them from this interface. Moreover, documents can be uploaded to 1C which will automatically define customized mapping expense accounts and material master data. When the company receives a request from the State Authorities, the accountant will take
electronic documents from 1C or from a special interface, depending on the solution, and send the documents to the tax authorities using the same interface. The most advanced operators have already implemented this interaction, others are currently working on implementing this.
It is also possible to build an EDI solution with SAP.  Although some improvement is needed, signing
and exchanging electronic documents could be realized with the help of special connectors and
tools. As a result, the paper flow could be eliminated and accordance with RAS (Russian Accounting
Standards) and legal authority’s requirements could be achieved.

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