Assisting Western & Russian Companies Plan Their Post-Conflict Investment Strategies

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Professional assistance to advise Western and Russian companies in Russia plan their next strategic moves in light of the current European conflict.

Dezan Shira & Associates Chairman Chris Devonshire-Ellis is in Russia assisting both Western and Russian companies in evaluating their options in the light of the on-going Ukraine conflict. One of the very few Western consultants to be granted a new multi-entry visa, Chris is a Visiting Professor at the St. Petersburg School of Higher Economics where he has been lecturing about Russian business and corporate opportunities along the Belt and Road Initiative. A highly experienced business and foreign investment consultant, he has advised both Governments, MNCs and SMEs for 30 years concerning strategic investments into Asia.

The current Ukraine situation has resulted in many Western and Russian businesses with dilemmas about handling the current situation. Together with a team of local Russian legal and tax experts, and with Dezan Shira & Associates Asian experts in the firm’s offices throughout China, ASEAN, India, and the Gulf States, together with partner firms throughout Central and East Asia, Chris is able to discuss new development strategies and options for businesses with operations in Russian during these changing times.

He is also attending the St.Petersburg International Economic Forum which hosts numerous sessions discussing Russia’s future trade, investment, and supply chain developments with China, ASEAN, the EAEU, SCO, India, Turkey, the Gulf Cooperation Council, numerous Central Asian nations, Africa, and Latin America. The SPIEF business programme of events can be viewed here.

For a complimentary copy of his recent white paper ”Russia’s Pivot to Asia” or to arrange exploratory discussions please contact

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During these uncertain times, we must stress that our firm does not approve of the Ukraine conflict. We do not entertain business with sanctioned Russian companies or individuals. However, we are well aware of the new emerging supply chains, can advise on strategic analysis and new logistics corridors, and may assist in non-sanctioned areas. We can help, for example, Russian companies develop operations throughout Asia, including banking advisory services, and trade compliance issues, and have done since 1992.

We also provide financial and sanctions compliance services to foreign companies wishing to access Russia. Additionally, we offer market research and advisory services to foreign exporters interested in accessing Russia as the economy looks to replace Western-sourced products. For assistance, please email or visit