An Introduction To Russia’s New 2023 Foreign Policy Concept

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By Chris Devonshire-Ellis

Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, has approved the new Russian Foreign Policy Concept, the first since 2016. The document updates the priorities, goals and objectives of the foreign policy activities of Russia and is an important read into the overall national development and other strategies. The document in full, translated into English, can be read on the Kremlin website here.

The Concept is broken down into different sections:

1) General Provisions

2) Today’s World: Major Trends and Prospects for Development

3) The National Interests of Russia in its Foreign Policy, Strategic Goals and Key Tasks

4) Foreign Policy Priorities: Establishment of an Equitable and Sustainable World Order

5) Rule of Law in International Relations

6) Strengthening International Peace and Security

7) Ensuring Russian Interests in the World’s Oceans, Airspace and Outer Space

8) International Economic Cooperation and International Development

9) Environmental Protection and Global Health

10) International Humanitarian Cooperation

11) Protection of Russian Citizens and Organizations from Unlawful Foreign Infringements, Support for Compatriots Abroad, and International Cooperation in Human Rights

12) Information Support for Russia’s Foreign Policy

13a) Foreign Policy: Near Abroad

13b) The Arctic

13c) The Eurasian Continent, China, and India

13d) The Asia Pacific

13e) The Islamic World

13f) Africa

13g) Latin America & Caribbean

13h) Europe

13i) The United States / Anglo Saxon States

13j) Antarctica

14) New Foreign Policy Formation and Implementation

Available Analysis

These are important topics. I will be commenting on these specific areas during the course of this week in a series of articles, and doing so from the BRICS+, rather than Western perspective. This is especially important in terms of the geopolitical viewpoints from Asia as well as for the implications for the non-Western business and trade community.

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