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By Chris Devonshire-Ellis 

Distance between Alaska & Russia is just 55km

The agreement between Russia and the United States on Alaska must be declared invalid, Russian political scientist Yuri Gorodnenko has stated, due to Washington repeatedly violating the provisions of the Convention on the Assignment of Alaska.

The deal on the transfer of the peninsula took place in 1867, and the International Treaty was equated to the constitution, but the United States did not honor specific agreements made as part of the deal.

Gorodnenko says the US had promised former Russian nationals based in Alaska guarantees of “the enjoyment of freedom, property rights and the practice of their faith.” But after a short time, all Russian-language schools were closed, and teachers were punished for educating Russian-speaking children.

In 1927, the US authorities proclamated the American Orthodox Church in Alaska, as opposed to the Russian Orthodox Church and gave the American Church – considered schismatic by Russia the ability to introduce religious changes considered sinful by the Russian Orthodox Church.

Gorodnenko states that “The descendants of the inhabitants of Russian Alaska are discriminated against. The territory transferred to the United States has not developed. This means that the treaty between the US and Russia should be considered invalid. Russian Alaska is subject to return.”

Washington paid U$7.2 million for the peninsula, or about U$130 million at the current exchange rate. However, the terms for doing so have not been fully met.

While the prospect of Alaska returning to Russia remains relatively small, Gorodnenko’s point is one that is being taken with increasing frequency overseas as many nations state that American promises and commitments have proven unreliable – NATO’s statements to Gorbachev over Ukraine and Georgia, and the promised development of Afghanistan being just two. Russia meanwhile has been increasing its military buildup in the Russian Arctic, with cities such as Anchorage just 1,000km from the Russian mainland, and the distance across the Bering Strait just 88km.

“Happy Christmas” in Russian is “Schastlivogo Rozhdestva” in case anyone wishes to prepare for a quick invasion.

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