Aeroflot To Launch Regular Passenger Service To Chengdu

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Aeroflot plans to launch regular passenger flights from Moscow to the Chinese city of Chengdu, Sichuan province, on July 22, Russia’s flagship airline said in a statement. Aeroflot will operate the flights once per week on wide-body Airbus A330.

At the end of May this year, Chinese aviation authorities closed the country’s airspace to Boeing and Airbus planes of Russian carriers. The ban concerned airplanes with a double registration, which does not meet international requirements. Multiple foreign-leased aircraft are stuck in Russia which cannot now legally pay for the lease payments in the stipulated US dollar or Euro terms, leading for contracts to be renegotiated or new ones being created.

Several A330 planes belong to Aeroflot. Following the introduction of sanctions on Russia, Aeroflot bought them from foreign lessors in financial leasing agreements with agreements in Rubles or Chinese RMB Yuan. Chengdu may also have been chosen as it is also an aviation maintenance hub and services several regional airlines including Singapore Airlines and is well connected to other mainland Chinese cities in addition to Hong Kong and destinations throughout Southeast Asia.

It is also a tourism hub, famous for trekking and being home to the Giant Panda – a driver for some Russian tourists. It is also possible to take the train or fly to Tibet from Chengdu. Direct flights from Moscow take about 10 hours.  

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