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Russian Market Entry - the Business Outlook and Your Options


Russian Market Entry - the Business Outlook and Your Options

The Western media has perpetrated the image of Russia as a lawless country and much has been written about the difficulties of doing business there. In fact, the business opportunities in Russia are a well-kept secret, a fact to the advantage of incoming investors, who can thereby leave their overseas competitors behind. In this issue of Russia Briefing, we discuss why you should consider investment in Russia and how to make the first major decision in this process: what form of entry establishment to use.


Should you stick with a representative office, the fallback choice for many investors? A branch? A subsidiary? Considerations such as whether the entity will conduct commercial activity, the extent of legal liability the parent company wishes to take on, establishing a tax presence, and the ability to apply for the simplified “Highly Qualified Specialist” work permit all come into play.


This publication is the result of a joint cooperation between Asia Briefing, Dezan Shira & Associates and Russia Consulting Ltd, our partner firm in Moscow. The Russia Briefing web site features daily business news, legal, tax and operational updates and is available



In This Issue:

Representative Offices, Branches, and Subsidiaries: Advantages and Disadvantages

What You Need for Registration and How to Do it

The Western Media’s Image of the Russian Business Environment and the Reality

Russian Investment Climate and Government Priorities for Investment


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